SCM player skins the world is cruel, but also very beautiful


      ❝Ah! -❞

     [Mikasa’s eyes darted open and her hands grasped blindly about the air, looking for something to hold onto until they reached the soft material of the mattress. Her body was covered in sweat, yet she had chills. Her breathing was heavy and rapid.

                                                                                                        η ι g н т м α я є

      It had been a while since she had gotten them, but the feeling was still all too familiar from the repeated nights that horrific imaged played in her mind, tormenting her back when she was kidnapped. Hopefully this was a once time occurrence.]

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» s l e e p i n g l e s s o n s


      For Eren, the tunnel of self pity was long and narrow. Echoes from real time were left unheard for his ears pierced by the commotion brought by maddening cries. So selfishly he wailed; isolated and consumed. Fists constantly pounding, hot blood trickling ——


      A guttural yell, animalistic in all sense, erupted from his chest. His brain was too frazzled to determine which form he was in, which monstrous face he wore to the world. No one could say whether or not a transformation was possible; the abilities itself were chock full of untapped potential. But one trigger proven to set off his radioactive burst was the set determination towards a specific goal, and Eren planned to ѕʟᴀᴜɢʜᴛᴇʀ those who wronged the most valiant soldier he knew.

     The loud scream that poured out of Eren pierced Mikasa’s ears, causing her to recoil for a moment. One wrong move and everything would be set off like a вσмв.
     She was cautious in her approach, taking extra care to be sure she wouldn’t alarm him so that he didn’t cause harm to himself or her. As the space between them shrunk, she let her eyes survey him and take in how extreme his state was. She was all too familiar with dealing with this situation, and yet this time it was completely different - completely new.


     ❝Eren!❞ she repeated, a bit louder this time. Her hand reached out to reluctantly brush his arm. “Would you look at me for a moment?”

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❀ about me. ❀


name: julia
age: 16
birthday: march 1st
zodiac: pisces
single or taken: single
height: 5’6”
eye color: blue-green
favorite color: blue
lucky number: 2


hogwarts house: ravenclaw
favorite fictional character: too many to name
favorite television show: i’m just gonna name all the ones i watch because they are all amazing. doctor who, sherlock, supernatural, attack on titan, dexter, hannibal, and parks and rec
favorite season: fall or spring i love them both. if you haven’t noticed i’m not very decisive
describe yourself in a few words: creative, perfectionist, reserved 
meaning of your name: youthful
ultimate otp: right now ben x leslie in parks and rec they’re adorable but i’ve had many before
what do you plan to/do for a living: something in the english/artistic spectrum whether it be editing or marketing or whatever and then also writing
starbucks order: any kind of iced caramel drink tbh (sometimes i get salted, sometimes a plain caramel mocha frapp but that’s special order i think so i try not too that often)


introvert or extrovert: introvert
dawn or dusk: dusk
righty or lefty: lefty
coffee or tea: coffee
rain or shine: shine, but i can do with a good rain at times its nice at night
reading or writing: both

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» s l e e p i n g l e s s o n s


Inspired by this. [x]


      For Eren Jaeger, monstrous tendencies weren’t limited exclusively to his Titan form. Red-hot passion surged through his popped veins and made itself present in his intense emerald eyes with flecks of dancing, ebony flames. He had never been one to ᴄᴏɴᴄᴇᴀʟ emotions; never thought that far into the future. Neglected consequences that were sure to arise.

      This was evident in the way he pounded away at the nearest tree. Mercilessly, vengeful, and utterly pointless. The tree was not the one at fault here. It was not the one with blood soaked hands, but rather, stained with it upon it’s innocent bark.

      The bright crimson which adorned his angry flesh had become like an old friend — like death and misery, sure to never leave him. Pain, on the other hand, was like his mother. A warning of where his destructive path could lead, His Consciousness’ cry at his body’s impaired condition. Of course, Eren never listened to pain. He was oblivious to the nasty wound which would soon fester if not treated immediately. Not like he’d give a damn, anyway. Not like his mind could focus on anything other than that ringing gun shot.

                                    killed by humans?

                                                that’s so absurd!

                                                                          Apparently, not so.


                  ❝Damn fool. God dammit ——❞ the blame echoed over and over like a broken recorder he could never fix — among the many things.


      Mikasa was never one to show emotion - at least, not as much as Eren. On the outside, she tended to put on a façade of not being heavily affected by the losses that occurred each day, the body count that piled up  as more and more innocent people were slaughtered or eaten by the Titans. But on the inside laid a different story. The truth was that the events that unfolded in her world affected her just as much as the next person. She had watched so many people that she knew be swallowed whole and see had seen so many others watch people they knew be swallowed whole and she would stare at them, silently crying for them inside.

    There were only a few small things that Mikasa wouldn’t wish on anyone, and the feeling of terror and helplessness when you fail at killing a Titan and instead they kill one of you was one of them. It was as if your body had completely broken down and the only thing you could feel was numbness.

                                                                                          Numb. All over

     But it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that the ground was forever stained red with the blood of your friends because you had to get back up again and fight through that numbess; you had to kill the Titan or suffer more losses. You had to sacrifice your own humanity for the sake of humanity. And it seemed that time had come again - but when didn’t it? It seemed so often as a breath in an out that new blood littered the streets.

                                         ❝— Eren! ❞ 

     She knew what had happened, she could tell by the look in his eyes and the boy that was now missing from their crew. No. Not him of all people. This was going to take some time.

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      [Mikasa lets out a small sigh]


      ❝There’s not much to be known about the outside world. I’ve lived my entire life inside these walls. Eren really wants to get out at some point and explore - even more than the Scout Regiment allows him. I suppose it’d be nice to go with him, but I don’t know that it’s possible.

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